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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

funny little reminders

They say that you never really know the lives you touch. I don't know who this "they" is. But they sure know a thing or two.

You just never know when a smile or a kind word will lift someone up. Perhaps out of a really bad day. Perhaps out of a really bad decade.

A simple, heartfelt have a nice day in the elevator ride up to your office can make humanity seem more human after a grueling commute.

A friend's statement that you deserve better can make you realize it as truth. Even when you know you do deserve better, sometimes it takes seeing it in writing, from a friend, before you'll let yourself believe yourself.

Another friend's asking are you single these days, because although they haven't seen you in a while, they knew, before you are even ready to contemplate, that this thing, whatever it is, is no longer making you happy.

A random cute guy at the bank smiling back at you.

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VJ said...

If the thing is no longer making you happy, gradually distance yourself from it. Announce it to the party involved, 'I'm no longer quite satisfied with this right now', and see what happens. Explore it with them, if this is possible, then move on. This can be done gradually, and not too dramatically. But this neither here or there can go on for far too long. Set a definite date in your mind, perhaps a month or too, and then tell them, 'this can't continue as it is'.

Love and a firm commitment can and will change things. When it's real, you'll know & feel it for certain. Love can make great sacrifices and is able to endure intolerable hardships. Good friendships can do that too, but this is indeed rare. My sense is that this is neither, and it's unknown if it might ever develop or move on to that sphere.

This gent, as nice as he may be is ultimately wasting your time. The time you might be spending finding that special someone who will come to know and appreciate you for who you truly are, and values that bond and uniqueness enough to know that he needs to be with you always.

Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'