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Monday, October 01, 2007

baseball in October

After a disappointing Friday afternoon and evening, my day became much better with beers on a rooftop with the boy.

The weekend continued to improve. I think perhaps I had the perfect Saturday.

It started off incredibly well. Included coffee, a phenomenal football game, a great baseball game, and very good company. And ended with a walk home, holding hands, closing my eyes against the wind, trusting someone completely.

Sunday was a bit more relaxing, spending time with TheDog who has been feeling neglected. Although the last game I watched part of from my couch, the outcome allowed for at least one more game.

I hope the good luck continues as I was lucky enough to get to go with some coworkers to tonight's tiebreaker game. And it would be really cool if the home team could make it to the playoffs.

Fingers crossed.

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