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Friday, September 28, 2007

looking foolish

Half the girls bailed. But the other half of us enjoyed our wine immensely. Boys were the main topic of discussion, with the majority of us not yet married.

We talked about our recent boy stories. When the topic turned to mine, they teased me for getting so excited about the new boy. So excited for a boy who has yet to actually call, only texts. Whose house I've not seen, who hasn't been to my house.

Then my friend at work warned me today to be careful. To try not to get hurt. Perhaps they were all picking up on something I am not.

Minutes later, he bailed on our plans for tonight. Plans hatched weeks ago. Finalized last weekend.

He maybe has a great excuse. But I hate flaky more than anything else. Well, except for maybe looking foolish in front of my friends.


Jen said...

You don't look foolish. There is nothing wrong with getting excited about a new relationship. I hope that you find the right guy soon, or that you have already found him.

Glitter said...

I agree with Jen! Butterflies are such fun!

Yoda said...

I agree with Jen, too.

It's okay to enjoy the moment.


hubs said...

what was his excuse?

ramblin' girl said...

work emergency. valid.

hubs said...

valid indded. maybe particularly for you ;)