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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Compromise is important in any relationship. Everyone knows that.

Although I'm a little set in my ways, I can compromise when necessary. Well, depending a little on what the compromise is.

I refuse to compromise on things that are really important to me. The right guy wouldn't ask me to compromise on those things. Right?

Well, after my beer and boy induced grinning, I had a dream. One in which the new boy told me it was either him or TheDog.

I woke up with a knot in my stomach. He wouldn't really do that, would he?

He loves dogs. Had them growing up. Had one of his own until recently when he figured out he was allergic to them.

I know I'm getting way ahead of myself here, but if thing works out*, what would I do?

I can't imagine not having a dog. Ever.

* Who am I kidding? Things never work out as I hope they might.


Dewey said...

I have the same problem with The Boy. I simply love and adore dogs, specifically German Shepards, but his allergies mean that I can never have one. There is hope, though. There are several breeds that seem to be OK with our sneezy friends.

That said, I didn't have to find a new home for a dog when we moved in together. If came down to a "me or the cats" ultimatum and there was no room for negotiation or compromise, I likely would have said buh-bye because I could never be with someone so callous.

Also, things sometimes DO work out as we hope they might, just not as often as we'd like. That's what makes them special.

Amy said...

there are options for the allergies, shots, meds, different breeds, etc. Don't even cross that bridge until you get to it and then decide how to proceed together. The right guy will know how important dogs are to you and will help compromise so you're both happy!!

green said...

I couldn't imagine life without a pet in the house, be it dogs or cats. I grew up with dogs but got cats when I got married waaay back when.

Jen said...

Well, I think you can figure out what my stance is going to be on this. Just as Amy said, there are things like allergy shots and acupuncture and other options to consider.

Not having a dog would be horrible. I am allergic to dogs and I have six of them! I am not really allergic to Poodles, which is why I chose them, but when I go to dog training classes my eyes and nose get itchy. I take an extra antihistamine before I go and I deal with it.

If there was ever an ultimatum, I would say choose TheDog.

kt said...

my dogs would always win over a boy. hands down.