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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

one wish

I love my family and friends. They insisted I join in most of my weekend plans despite the fact that I felt mostly horrible.

My sister-in-law insisted I go to the spa. Her comment was something along the lines of what do you have to do but lay there and sit there. Same as you would here.

So I went. The hot stones helped me feel better, at least temporarily. And the pedicure was relaxing, and very much needed. Lunch after was when things went sour.

Or actually, just my stomach did.

So I bailed on the girls for happy hour, and slept instead. Trying to rest up for the following day's activities.

The next morning my friend G's taxi showed up at my house as I stepped out of the shower. I let him in, but told him he was going to likely get to go to the game with my parents and sister. I couldn't imagine being able to walk all the way to the stadium.

But when my dad showed up, he called me a wuss for even considering not going, and shamed me into it.

The game was a nail-biter. With a "running toilet" for entertainment*. A good friend to buy me a pretzel and water, and shade at half time to sit in. The outcome was perfect. My entire family's alma mater pulled out the win in OT.

I sent G to the liquor store as I napped, since they aren't open on Sundays. (Yes, I make all house guests earn their keep.)

Then my mom, G, A and I went to sit in the second row of Red Rocks. Any show would have been great from that vantage point. But this one was fantastic, great music, great company, and my mom sneaking into the front row to try and get a rose.

Mr. King, Ms. James and Mr. Green can sure put on a show. The music was sublime, and most of the onstage dancing was entertaining, even if Ms. James gesturing may have been a little over the top.

Sunday was spent sleeping in and getting ready for the bbq. Thankfully my mom and sister helped out, as I was still feeling pretty terrible. By this point it had been concluded that it was food poisoning, and I was not allowed to prepare any food.

Of course only drinking water at your own bbq doesn't make up for not having to work as hard. I would have rather been the hostess with the most-est and been able to have a beer with my friends.

The party was a hit, despite my ailment, despite the rain. Good friends. Good food (or so I'm told).

As, I got ready to blow out the candles alongside a good friend whose birthday is today, surrounded by my amazing friends and family, I pondered my wish. I couldn't imagine wanting for anything, well, except maybe one thing.

* The running toilet was part of a water conservation campaign here.


Glitter said...

having your friends and family by your side on your birthday, seems like the best gift you could have given yourself!

Annabelle said...

Did you see this?
Perhaps that was it. I had it and if you had the same, I sympathize!

KennethSF said...

Ah, but what a difference that one thing makes! My fervent birthday greetings to you: May that elusive one thing speedily come into your life!