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Friday, August 31, 2007


As I usually do, I've made tons of plans for my birthday weekend. They start today in less than two hours. And it's looking like I'm going to miss some of them.

I talked my sister, sisters-in-law and mom into taking a Friday off to head to the spa. I scheduled a hot stone massage and pedicure, then lunch with the girls. And as they head back to their lives, I was to join friends for a pre-birthday happy hour.

Then for the actual birthday, a friend is flying in a day early before his training here. He's joining in the birthday celebration with family and friends to (hopefully) cheer on the black and gold to victory, have a relaxing dinner, then let Mr. King, Ms. James, and Mr. Green serenade us from the 2nd row.

Sunday is the annual it's-all-about-me bbq I throw every Labor Day weekend to celebrate turning old(er) with friends. This year was to be extra fantastic, as my friend who's moving here has a birthday next week, so it will be a joint celebration.

Monday is full of more family time and perhaps a show with a cute boy.

The missing is not for work, for once. Unfortunately Wednesday night I came down with the most horrific stomach bug. I had to skip work yesterday, there was no other option. At one point last night I almost thought I had no other option than to try and drive myself to the ER.

And now there's some marginal improvement, but I'm thinking at least today's pre-birthday events might have to be missed. I'm hoping I miraculously feel all better in an hour, when my sister will be here to pick me up. But it's not looking good so far.


hubs said...

happy birthday!

get well soon!

go rams!

Anonymous said...

This bug is really, really going around. My husband has it, as do 5 others at his work, and my boss. Hang in there and get thee some gatorade!

Glitter said...

Have a wonderful birthday!

VJ said...

Hope you're doing better RG & Happy Birthday! I was PO'd when I paid for a big event this past year (they no longer sell tickets at the door), and was just so sick I missed it. And like B-Days this is only an annual event. So good luck with the cute boy & recovering in time for the festivities. Cheers, 'VJ'

KennethSF said...

Poor Ramblin' Girl! Sorry to hear that your tummy troubles are interfering with your birthday plans. Hope you get well soon enough to enjoy that Monday evening show with the cute boy. An affectionate hug from him may well be the best cure for your bug. Good luck!