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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Saturday, I slept in until the glorious hour of half past nine, then made some coffee, grabbed my book and sat on the deck with TheDog reading. Presumably waiting for my friends to arrive so that we could go on a hike.

When it got closer to noon, and still no sign of my friends or any rings of the phone, I grabbed the leash and TheDog, who had become extremely impatient at that point as she's used to being back from our Saturday excursions by nine. We went for a short urban hike (otherwise known as a walk).

M showed up about a half hour before I had planned to meet my sister-in-law (who shall hereafter be referred to as SIL1, being as she married my oldest brother, and I'm too lazy to type it out every time I refer to her) and a friend of hers for margaritas on a sunny patio. M said she was up for margarita drinking, then proceeded to fall asleep on the couch.

When I later woke her to see if she was in, she said she'd stay there and nap, and I could go on ahead. So, I did.

J apparently had called as SIL1 and her friend were conspiring to find me a man, and as I was busy ignoring them and spilling my margarita on my cell.

My cell has seen better days, but I finally found a way to get to her number and call her back. She was at my parents' place, and she and M were coming down to meet us.

After sitting for quite some time, drinking margaritas, being joined by various people, J and M, my brother and nieces, J, M and I decided we needed dinner.

We left to go back and change then headed out to a fantastic small-plate-great-wine-selection restaurant that likes to pretend they're pretentious, but can't quite pull it off as they're not in Vail or Aspen.

I was ready to go out and meet new people. New people being guys, of course, as I wanted to help SIL1 out with her mission. But despite the fact that all three of us are single, J and M decided they weren't up for going out.

We went "home" and M suggested it was a bit pathetic that I was going to bed early. I suppose in her eyes I'm boring because, although I was the up for staying out, I would rather go to bed than watch the food network.

With the pills the doc gave me last week, I knew I needed a good night's sleep before hiking anywhere the next day. Although I'm usually not one to let remarks such as hers bother me much, sometimes hers do. I'm sure it goes back to the fact I met her when I was an insecure teenager.

I suppose she must think I'm somewhat fun, being as she's hung out with me for over two decades. Funny how some people's comments can bother you, when other's just roll right off.

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Glitter said...

I know that...sometimes I'm not bugged by comments, other times it gets me so upset.