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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


It's been three years, three months and three days. That's a little odd.

Anyway, things haven't changed significantly, and that really bothers me.

I decided a few months ago to do something about it, but kept having to delay my visits, because of work demands.

Yesterday, I went to see her. She said she figured things were still not great. Was not thrilled to hear I'd been sitting at my desk too much, sleeping too little, and generally not playing as much as I would like.

The sleeping and playing are related to the working too much, but also to the reason I was there.

My lower back and hip have been getting more painful recently. They never got much better after the accident. And now it seems that things are on a quick downhill slide.

She has a new theory. That I have nerve damage. And that is referring pain to the hip and back. I have no idea if that can even happen, but she's the doc, and I'll try just about anything at this point.

She prescribed something that should help. She warned me it would make me sleepy.

I took it when I got home. An hour later I felt drunk. I climbed into bed and the next thing I knew my alarm clock was screaming at me, and I had to look around to figure out where I was.

A little sleepy? Try a zombie.

When I tried to get out of bed my legs wouldn't work. I had to sit back on the bed.

I tried again and groggily got up, showered, and headed to work. I was hoping to get some things finished early this morning, but I can't concentrate.

I hope this fog lifts soon. Or there's no way I can keep taking this stuff. Not that I'm sure it's helped the original problem at all. My back and hip hurt a lot right now.

But I guess I have to take it for a while to see any improvement. The question is, can I last a while?

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