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Monday, August 13, 2007

moving right along

On the eve of my long weekend, I finally got back to our summer tradition.

Sitting under the stars watching a frog and a pig in their never-ending dance, I smiled. The song at the beginning of the movie was the reason I had the friends I was sitting with.

That story is long. The short of it is I sang it with my college roommate, and doing so endeared us to several others, who became the basis of one my college circle of friends.

Anyway, back to the movie under the stars. I was a bit tipsy from our wine with dinner, and encouraged a certain some one's flirty text messaging. Despite the dirty looks of those around me when the blue-ish light illuminated the surrounding area, I continued.

It had been over a year since we'd last hung out. We were both in the mood for a late night conversation flirtation. So, I stopped by his place on my way home.

We spent hours talking and catching up. Only when he tried to tickle me did the friendly banter become more than friendly.

It's true what they say, the best way to get over someone is to...


kiss someone else.

I think I was mostly over him anyway, but my after-muppet activities solidified the fact that I should have ended the situation much earlier than he did.

Although there are many reasons why 24 and I are not meant to be, there are many reasons why we get along so well. We get each other. Conversation is easy. Kisses are incredible.

Recently, the time spent I've spent with guys, both friends and fwb, has helped me to see that I need to listen to my gut before getting too involved in another relationship.

I know there are reasons why I shouldn't be with some guys, I just need to evaluate that better at the beginning, when I meet someone new. So I don't end up a year from now exactly where I am now.

But just like that easy-going green frog, I do believe that someday I'll find it.

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green said...

"Hey you, you with the banjo..."

I absolutely love that movie.

Rainbow Connection indeed.