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Sunday, September 23, 2007

bright side of life

My stomach hurts after this weekend. In a good way.

I laughed so hard at points that my muscles hurt a little. Yes, perhaps I need to add a few more sit-ups to the list.

But before the laughter started, my Friday started off with a visit to a new doc for my back. He has new ideas. He thinks there may be something they can actually do to help the constant pain.

As with other things, I'm trying not to get too excited, before all the facts are in. But it was an encouraging visit.

The whole office left work early. Well, early for our office. Those that weren't out of town headed to a coworkers for a bbq. The weekend laughter began over beers and homemade salsa.

I then headed to Oktoberfest with friends, one of whose Aussie boyfriend had us all chuckling all night long. Particularly anytime he neared the mechanical bull.

When we met up with the new boy, my smile only slightly faded when his "friend" was a girl. And that small concern evaporated when he saw me, walked up to me and kissed me.

The rest of the night was filled with a bit of sarcasm, self-deprecation, and making fun of anyone in a chicken hat.

Saturday was spent cheering on the home team to a shut-out along with good friends and family. Telling humorous remember when stories in the parking lot afterward.

After dinner with teh parents, I started to get ready for the parties I was supposed to attend. But once I sat down, I realized just how exhausted I was, and bailed on both parties, only to watch some silly comedy on cable.

Today I enjoyed some quality time with TheDog and the mess that is my closet. TheDog possibly questioning my sanity as I giggled to myself at the "treasures" I found lurking in the depths.

Tonight, my mom, sister and I headed downtown for dinner and a trip to Spamalot. At points tears leaked out we were laughing so hard.

I usually dread Sunday nights a little, as Monday morning looms. I'm only slightly closer to finishing the projects whose deadlines have passed than I was Friday, but I'm not concerned.

Perhaps I am beginning to take Sir Arthur and his singing knights' always look on the bright side of life to heart.

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