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Thursday, September 06, 2007


We celebrated my friend's birthday tonight, belatedly. It was nice to see her friends, and S, who missed the party, as she was out of town. Wine and port. Good friends and good food. A great bookend to my work week.

I'm heading up the hill again tomorrow. I didn't make it up as much as I would have liked this summer. So I've planned one last trip before Fall officially settles in, really cooling things down, changing leaves, bringing the early season flakes.

I don't even know if my friends are definitely coming with me. And I'm not sure I care. Wait, that didn't sound right. Of course, I would love to have my friends with me on my hikes. To go to dinner with. And to have good conversations with.

But it wouldn't really bother me at all if it were just me and TheDog for the weekend. I need to spoil her a bit before I leave town next week. And after this week I need some time to relax. Not that it was bad. In fact, parts were good. Just long, for a three-day week.

Some forecasters are saying the flakes may fly as early as this weekend in the high country. Although I hope we get a banner snow season, perhaps it could hold off until after my weekend.

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KennethSF said...

So what do the forecasters tell you about the romantic prospect you met on Monday? Sunny days ahead? Blue sky and starry night?

Forgive me if this seems an intrusive inquiry. I only ask because I'm in a desperate search for signs of Cupid's competence.