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Thursday, September 20, 2007

a little bit crazy

Out to dinner tonight with my roommate of only one more night, I realized I've become a bit more neurotic than had previously been thought. By myself, by anyone, really.

As the very nice, very knowledgeable waitress brought our sangria and tapas, I kept hoping to hear from possibly new boy.

As I remembered our conversation from the other night, we were supposed to hang out tonight. But silence was all that greeted me.

And it bothered me.

I'm the girl that calls a boyfriend of several months only a guy I hang out with. More than once. I'm never the needy girl. I like space. Usually.

This one is different. When he told me the other night that he missed me when I was away last weekend, I didn't freak out as I normally do.

Without hesitation I said, me too.

In the past his statement would have scared me. My uttering the reciprocal would have had me worrying what he thought.

Neither were the case.

I was just happy to be sitting there, drinking beer on a beautiful Fall night, with a boy I like.

But this new development. This being concerned when it's been a day since I've heard from him. This, I don't like. The worrying whether he's not as taken with me. That he might be out with someone else. It's crazy.

By the end of our glasses of sangria I felt better. Still a little sad that he hadn't called. But no longer dwelling on it.

Well, turns out that the crazy was completely unfounded.

He worked late. And the conversation earlier in the week wasn't exactly as I'd remembered it.

I'm hoping to keep my cool a little better in the future. And trust that he's not like other guys I've dated. That so far he appears to like me, just as he says he does.


green said...

Well, congrats to you, then if this boy works out as you hope he will.

kt said...

whoa?!?! a new boy? we need to get together stat to discuss (and I still owe you birthday food or beer or coffee).

Jen said...

Maybe you shouldn't be so concerned that it concerned you that you hadn't heard from him. Maybe that means that this is the right one for you.

I think that is when you know that he is the one- that you want to know where he is and what he is doing when you are apart. That you can't just be the "cool girl" when it comes to him.

Of course that doesn't mean that you should lose your cool, but let yourself feel what you feel about this guy and don't discount the way that he feels about you. You deserve to be with someone who can fully appreciate you finally. It IS going to happen for you!

Glitter said...

I give everyone the same advice...that I stole from Kristy (


it works, sometimes...

hubs said...

hahaha. jen said, "the one".