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Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Still on the high from the game, I stopped by to see the boy briefly. He told me he was getting used to seeing me. I'm not sure what exactly that meant, but by the way he said it, I know it was good.

He said that my team had become his second favorite. He asked if we would be alright if his team played mine in the World Series. I said yes. Without hesitation.

I think we're both getting ahead of ourselves. After all, there are a lot of games to be played still.

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green said...

Congrats to the Rockies! What a come-out-of-no where season to make tha playoffs and in a 13 inning "regular season" playoff game. The Rockies scare me because they are flying under the radar good and gave my Red Sox a hard time when they played at Coors Field in June.

BTW, which team does your new boy root for?

AND sorry about your Broncos losing....