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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

active within _

As anyone who has done it knows, when you meet someone on the interweb, the ability to gauge how you think the relationship is going is a little easier, and harder, all at the same time.

It's impossible not to do. To check to see if the one you've started dating is still logging on. Still looking.

It's impossible not to feel a little jealous if they are. And if they're not, it's perhaps too easy to get complacent that things are going well.

At some point, if things keep going well, one or the other takes their profile down. When one does but the other doesn't, it's impossible not to wonder what that means.

Does the one who took their profile down think they've found the right (or right, for now) someone? Or did their subscription run out?

Is the one who left their profile up not as content with the one they've found, for now? Still looking? Or just keeping options open?

On the other hand, aren't the real interactions, the words that are spoken and written, the actions, more meaningful than little words on a website?


Trish Ryan said...

I'm reading a book right now called THE WAY LIFE SHOULD BE about a woman who moves to Maine to be with a guy she met online...he wrote her romantic poems and even sailed down to her town to meet her. She gets up there only to discover that he was sending those poems to women all up & down the eastern seaboard. UGH!

Glitter said...

I think person is much more important than online. It's more of who the person is.

Yoda said...


Have you see's new advertising slogan? "It's okay to look."

Yes, it's okay to look, provided that's all you're doing. If you put up a profile, you're actively participating in the dating scene, and that's more than looking.

Given that you met online, you can't exactly hold it against him for having a profile. It's entirely possible that he's going online to check to see if you're going online.

I'm with Glitter. What's said and done in person will tell you much more about him than anything in his portrait.