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Monday, October 15, 2007


Walking for coffee where I learned TheDog would be allowed back on the patio. Lunch with amazing friends on a patio-perfect Fall day. Drinks and bowling with a good friend, one I nearly thought I had lost as a friend. Capped off with happy hour with the girls that took us through most of the Rockies second NLCS victory. Late night texts of the flirtatious sort. All came together despite a little work on my day off to create a perfect Friday.

Saturday wasn't bad either. Another quick walk with TheDog. Working all day at the beer fest with a break in between shifts with the girls. Having our own personal adorable chauffeur home as we decided that was better than a cab. The chauffeur graciously driving J all the way home. Then me to the airport in the morning.

If only all weekends could be so full of the good things. And could be followed by fantastic games when the home team wins and makes it to the World Series. Go Rockies!

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