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Sunday, October 14, 2007

beers and boys

As we walked around the beer fest at the end of our first night of pouring, my friend nudged me and nodded in the direction of a guy staring our direction. It was the ex. The one I met volunteering the first year.

He appeared a little too happy to see me. Reached in for a hug, which caught me off-gaurd. The last few years I've endured our yearly run-ins across a table. Either his when checking in, or mine when pouring.

As he always does, he asked me how I am, completely disregarded the answer, then launched into a telling of his life.

Was he always this selfish? I'm not certain, but I suspect that the answer is yes.

I suspect he hid that when we first started dating. I suspect I grew to ignore it. But I now have no tolerance for it.

I tried to keep the conversation short. Insisting we needed to get back to where we were pouring. He asked where that was, I vaguely indicated near the entrance.

For the first time I really didn't care to talk to him. Unlike when he called this past summer and part of me wanted to know why. I now didn't care at all.

As he reached in for another hug goodbye, there was a vibration. That of my cell in my pocket with a text from the boy who was meeting us out afterward.

That made me smile. A big cheschire cat grin.


Trish Ryan said...

Run ins like that are such a bizarre mix of creepy-helpful. It's great to see an ex without the romantic hopefulness blinders on, but it makes me feel a little skeeved out that I ever thought Mr. So-Not-Right might be the answer to my prayers.

Yay for the cellphone rescue!!!

Glitter said...

I love it when you feel nothing for guys you broke up with. It's very powerful and a sign you've moved on!

SDW said...

I envy your experience. Truly.