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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The day began a bit slow and bumpy. Being asked to get up extra early, even if it includes free breakfast is not my idea of a good start. Having to sit across the table from the biggest kiss-up I know, was the worst part.

After listening to kiss-up inflate his ego, the running-around-like-beheaded-chicken started. Back to work after breakfast meeting I quickly gathered what I could remember for mid-morning meeting.

In mid-morning meeting, I realized I'd forgotten half of what I needed. But I am nothing if not good at improvising.

So good, in fact that I convinced the others in the meeting to completely come around to my way of thinking. On both issues that I hoped to. And without the help of the information I had to back me up. Which remained on my desk.

Later, while listening to a great presentation by my old boss, it hit me. And this will sound incredibly conceited, but I'm good. At my job. At the work I do for the job-like thing I do, but don't get paid for. And at other things, too.

I'd forgotten that recently. With the flurry of impossible deadlines lately. With the poor management I've been dealing with. With the feeling in my gut that there is something going on with the boy that he isn't sharing; that something's been not quite right since he got back.

They're lucky to have me. My job. The association. The boy. If they can't see it, their loss. Perhaps moving on is all I can do.

Of course I wish I could dismiss any of it that easily. But today put things in a little better perspective for me. Even before tonight's photography class, which I'm taking with my mom, where we talked a bit about perspective.

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Jen said...

It doesn't sound conceited at all. I know exactly what you are saying, and I am sure that they are very lucky to have you.