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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Although we've progressed to actual phone conversations, I still love the flirty texts. He's either incredibly charming, or just the best player I've ever met. And I've met some.

I've been looking forward to our date tomorrow since last I saw him, briefly, after the game. Although never telling him this, tonight, the glowing white screen told me he felt the same.

My intuition tells me he's sincere. But my intuition has been wrong before. I hope it's not this time.


Glitter said...

Same here....

hubs said...

i always thought player=charming=game.

but i'm really not hep to today's jive.

2616 said...

'playah' can be confidence, (i'd like to think), or it can be disingenuousity, at the very minimum... good luck!