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Friday, October 12, 2007

busy, busy

Although I took time off to rest and relax before and during the GABF, it didn't work as I'd hoped. I worked most of the day yesterday, hurrying home to be there when J picked me up.

The beer fest was fun last night. Despite running into the ex. Despite the boy's short stay at the bar with us afterward. I'm not worrying about his too-busy for now. As, I'm too caught up in my own.

Walking TheDog for coffee, lunch with friends, afternoon meetings with others, happy hour with yet others, and a late night drink with S. I barely had time to sleep-in today between my social schedule and the work I had to get done.

The craziness will continue. This weekend the beer fest continues, as well as a trip to help my mom pack up my grandma's house. If we're not too busy next week, there will be more details. But if I am, the stories will have to wait.

In the meantime... Go Rockies!

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Glitter said...

Nothing like a beer fest to make you happy! LOL.