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Friday, October 26, 2007

what do they say about curiousity?

Thoughts began swirling as I'm killing time until a friend joins me for a drink. I'm anxious. I know a bit of it has to do with the games.

But more has to do with the boy getting back from his trip tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to seeing him. There is no doubt in my mind there. But over the course of the weekend he will meet my sister and other friends. And while we're dressed in costume.

Some of my more, how shall I put this, judgemental friends. Some of the friends that told me after the last was gone, that I kept him around too long. Some of the friends I made promise they would tell me what they really thought.

They may or may not really divulge their thoughts. But I really want to know. I want to know if I'm too caught up in all the fun and excitement and am missing something big.

This one is different. I think. I'm curious if they will see it too.

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Glitter said...

Sorry the Red Sox are kicking your teams butt right now...

...I did that with previous helps