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Sunday, October 28, 2007


I had a ticket to tomorrow night's WS game. I didn't think there was any way at all that I wouldn't get to see a game in person. The Red Sox dashed my hopes last night and the previous three games by simply out playing our boys.

Most heartbreaking was they didn't play to their potential. Nothing like they'd played in the twenty or so games it took for them to make the WS.

Also sad was I had the chance to switch my ticket for Saturday'a game. I declined the offer because of the boy. It was his first night back, afterall.

I should have taken the offer.

I'm mostly annoyed by how I came upon the ticket for Monday. It's a great perk from my company. But The Man said they were giving them out in priority. And if you took a game you were then moved to the end of the list.

Fair, it would seem. Except the last game I went to on company tickets was the tiebreaker. And the people who got to go to the guaranteed WS tickets had been to actual playoff games on the tickets, and are not senior to me.

Just part of what is making me seriously consider my options.


Yoda said...

And the boy?

Glitter said...

Yeah...what happened??

Jeremy said...

I am more interested in your options...
I exercised my options back in June and I couldn't be happier...

Good luck with things either way!

green said...

Even though I'm from New England and a Red Sox fan, I'm surprised that the Rockies didn't win some games in the WS with the way they were playing coming into the series. Perhaps that 8 day layoff did have an effect on the team.