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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


she parked her car. the person who had just pulled out of the spot she took reversed. parked behind her. she became a little concerned.

then she saw his face. she smiled. he got out and walked up to her. they hugged hello, as they always did.

they talked for longer than they should have. each was late for the busy life. but they ignored their responsibilities.

he was teasing her about how they never hung out anymore. trying to talk her into going to a show later that month.

she wanted to, but couldn't. she explained to him that she had to go to a wedding with her boyfriend. he seemed a slight bit disappointed, but understood.

they compared future trips they were taking. shows they were seeing. promised to hang out soon, as they hugged farewell.

she wondered if it was wrong to prefer to hang out with her friend over attending her boyfriend's friends' wedding. where she would only know her boyfriend.

she knew she would never really bail on her boyfriend. but the fact that she considered it, made her wonder a little.

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