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Monday, June 25, 2007


I can't sleep, yet that's all I want to do. I feel robbed. Not only of my camera, but of my freedom. I haven't been missing The(ex)Boy too much recently. But now, now I do. I wouldn't mind having someone around who would notice if I disappeared.

But instead of someone to feel safe with, I am left to try and make my house more secure. Keep people out. Try to make myself less afraid. Alone.

The police officer suggested the camera thief might be someone I know. Or someone someone I know knows.

That disgusts me even more. Could someone I know have walked crawled into my house and taken the one item they knew would cut my last shred of happiness?

My mother suggested The(ex)Boy. My sister suggested NowEx. I can't believe either would ever even contemplate such a thing.

But then again, I'm still naive enough to not fully comprehend how someone could do this at all. Much less to someone they know.

I know I'm supposedly lucky. Lucky that nothing else happened. But it doesn't feel that way right now. Right now all I feel is scared. I'm "armed" as I never wanted to be. And even so, I'm too afraid to even fall asleep.


Amy said...

wow, RG, that is truly scary. I cannot imagine feeling safe again, or knowing how to get my mind around who might have done such a thing. I would imagine your homeowners (or renters) insurance will cover the financial costs, but they can't begin to touch the emotional side of it all.

I'll keep you in my prayers. You keep your doors and windows locked.

kt said...

i would highly doubt that someone you know would break into your house to steal your camera, esp since the cash is missing too. I think it was a random robbery - happens in these neighborhoods. Remember when Linsday's house got broken into?

Do you have a security system? I finally got one and it gives me peace of mind.

ramblin' girl said...

Yeah, I do have a security system... but need to get my remote fixed, so I can set it off from upstairs. Doing that this week!

Jeremy said...

I am so sorry...

I hope that (oxygen) thief gets hit by a Zamboni or a street cleaner.

Glitter said...

Mace works too....