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Thursday, June 28, 2007

beautiful rocks

The night was beautiful. Despite the clouds, the red rocks stood out against the gray. Sitting on my trunk, enjoying a beer, talking about life.

It had been far too long since A and I had just relaxed, without other people around. We hadn't gotten to really talk in a while.

The subject turned to my general blah feeling about things lately. To the dark cloud that seems to follow me around constantly. To whether or not I was looking for another guy. How I wasn't sure if I cared enough to try again to chase away the cloud.

She insisted that I would care, when I was ready. As we walked into the show, I wasn't sure that would ever be the case.

Hours later as we walked out of one of the better shows we'd seen recently, as I breathed in the fragrant air, I realized my attitude had changed. This time for good.

Time to ignore the dark clouds and focus on the many beautiful rocks in my life. My friends, my family. All of them.


Glitter said...

Sometimes something as simple as a beer with a friend helps put things in perspective.

Rebecca said...

You know what, we all have those blah moods sometimes. And it's good to know that you have friends close by to listen when you need them to - or give you the space you need during those times as well.

Beautiful rocks. So nicely put!!