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Friday, June 08, 2007

coffee exchange

The exchange that took place at my favorite addiction satisfaction locale at some ungodly hour this morning:
Very Nice Coffee Purveyor: Good morning, RG, how are you??

Me: Hi, VNCP, I'm ok. How are you?

VNCP: I like that, honesty. No saying you're fine, when you're really not. But ok, is, well ok!

[I just smiled, somewhat unconvincingly.]

VNCP: Is it work?

Me: Work and other things. Mostly just need caffeine.

VNCP: That I can fix. Here you go. Have a good day.

Me: Thanks, you too.
I smiled, again, took my cup of steaming addiction, and left.

Actually, honesty was not what came out this morning. The truthful answer would have been. Terrible.

But you don't tell relative strangers that your whole world appears to be crashing in around you. That you got no sleep because you're worried about your dog, your health, your relationship, and your job. In that order.

And that even though everyone says you put your job first too much, you really don't. You just sometimes hide behind it when you can't deal with anything else.

When the "We need to talk" message and the pain in your back keeps you up all night. Sometimes peeling yourself out of bed before the sun rises and heading off to work is the only thing keeping you sane.

Even if it does contribute to the insanity side of things, as well.


Glitter said...

We all do it. I do it many, many times. Ugh.

Brian Lavery said...

The dog? What is wrong with the dog?!

Jen said...

I'm glad your job is at the bottom of that list. It is not that important. I am sorry to hear about TheDog and your health, but maybe the relationship thing is for the best. I know I have stuck up for him in the past, but you have doubted that whole relationship al;most from the very beginning. It is quite probable that he is not the one for you.

I hope both you and TheDog feel better soon.