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Monday, June 18, 2007

out of the woodwork

One door closes, another opens. Or a couple of windows. Or a trap door.

In the last few days, boys past have come out of the woodwork. A guy friend who used to almost-stalk me in college found me in the alumni directory. NowEx left a message out of the blue. And 24 and I talked, for a long time, over the weekend.

I mentioned the message from NowEx to Coworker C, and he emphatically asked stated that I knew better, right?


I might entertain the thought of hanging out with 24 over the summer, but I'm not stupid enough to ever let NowEx have another chance. Really, I'm not.

But I am curious to see why he called. Nearly a year after the last time we ran into each other.


Glitter said...

Sometimes just knowing you are wanted helps A LOT! Even if you don't act on it.

wordnerd said...

I was thinking the same thing as glitter...the attention feeds the ego, you get more confident, and next thing you know, you've had one great summer!

Enjoy it, girl!!!

kt said...

mmm 24. he's got to be, what, at least 26 now. :) i've found myself a cutie 23 yr old - let's hope things work out. at least for the summer!