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Monday, July 02, 2007

little bit of luck

I was already running late. Big surprise.

I still had to drop my friend's dog at her house and grab my now-essential caffeine IV before heading to my meeting. As I was hurrying around, my "check engine" light came on.

I assumed it was the bit of air in the gas tank, as I had let it get very nearly empty before filling up, and the light always comes on for about a day when that is the case.

I had her dog settled in, my extra-shot latte in my cup holder and was on my way when Car began insisting it wasn't feeling well.

I weighed my options. Head straight to the service department and ditch my meeting, or head straight to the meeting crossing fingers that Car would make it there and then to the dealer.

I promised Car I'd make everything alright, if I could just get to my meeting.

After my meeting, Car was obviously feeling worse. The dollar signs started scrolling in my mind.

I showed up at the dealer mid-afternoon. They took a quick assessment, told me what Car needed and fixed it. All within two hours. And with a too-frequent customer discount thrown in.

Plenty of time for me to meet friends for happy hour sushi and sake.

Perhaps this positive outlook is bringing me a little bit of luck and helping me to handle small crises with grace. Now if it would only help me sleep.


Jen said...

That's the spirit! Hang in there- good things are on their way.

Rebecca said...

Absolutely! Happy Hour Sushi and good friends are almost always the fix, aren't they? :)

green said...

potential expensive car repairs are definitely a bummer. Glad yours wasn't as painful as it could have been.