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Monday, July 23, 2007

crawling for drinks

I was so relaxed after my fantastic massage on Saturday, that I almost didn't go out. There was a group pub crawling to celebrate one's birthday. And I didn't know many of them.

The friend I had met them all through had bailed, to hang out with a boy. I had wanted to go to hang out with her a little more than the others.

But as the intitial response to my posting was not very great, I decided I'd meet more people out than on my couch with TheDog, a glass of wine and a movie.

We started at one of my favorite places with dinner and drinks. I sat down to dinner first and the cute guy I had just met sat next to me. We chatted a little. I attempted to work on my flirting skills.

The crawl continued across the highway, at various other locales. My friend met us out after all, apparently her boy was too tired to hang out, so we got the pleasure of her company instead. She stayed for a while, and we talked a bit, but she left after only one bar.

At the last bar on our tour, still a little sleepy after my relaxing massage, I left a little earlier than the rest. As I left, the cute boy said it was very nice to meet me, shook my hand, and held on a little longer than necessary.

It was fun to get to know some acquaintances better, meet knew people, and practice my (barely-existent) skills.

I thought I was on top of my game, given I knew almost no one. But one friend told me she thought I was unusually quiet while we were out that night.

I chalk it up to my post-massage relaxed state. But I'd prefer to be a quieter more relaxed version of myself, than the typical stressed one. Perhaps I need to schedule more massages.


Yoda said...

A cute boy? Did you get digits? Did you give yours?


ramblin' girl said...

No exchange of digits... apparently I wasn't really on my game.