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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

washed away by the rain

I walked in the door after an incredibly long day at work. I was greeted by "the Tigger".

I so wanted to just kick off my shoes and relax on the couch. But one look in those brown eyes, and I was a goner.

As the sun was getting low, I quickly changed out of my skirt and into shorts, grabbed TheDog's leash and we headed out the door.

It had cooled a bit from the oppressive heat we felt when we wandered outside to find food over lunch. The cool air felt great.

But the long list of work I needed to do by the end of my short week kept scrolling in my head. I almost felt guilty taking the time to walk TheDog. But not entirely. She has been neglected lately.

We were on the far end of the park, when the first raindrop landed on my arm. The clouds didn't look too menacing, so I decided it wasn't a big deal, and continued our leisurely stroll.

The drops quickly got bigger. And closer together.

There was no way I could run in my flip-flops, so we just hurried up our pace. Slowing a bit to let TheDog rest under the trees in the drier spots. By the time we got out of the park it was raining steadily.

But the old trees in my neighborhood did a good job of keeping us not-too-soaking-wet.

Just down the block from my house, there were two girls playing in the puddles that had formed on the sidewalk in front of their house.

Now that's what a rainy day is for. Playing in the rain. Not worrying about work. Not worrying that you're getting a little wet.

As we finished our walk, the stress that had kept my neck and shoulder in a constant state of tension for weeks, released. The rain washed it away.

I'll get the projects done when I can. It is not healthy to have this stress hanging over my head. I need to let TheDog be a good influence more often. And keep my promise to walk her every day so she doesn't get too sore.


Glitter said...

I need a night like that.

kt said...

that rain was INSANE! downtown looked like a river. my golf tournament was postponed. but i LOVE it when it rains like that!