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Sunday, July 15, 2007

daydreaming of dreaming

I've been (day) dreaming of getting 8 hours of sleep. I finally slept really well Friday night, after a little added security. But between a show at Red Rocks and an early morning phone call from a friend, the length was completely unsatisfactory.

Then with my brother's family staying with me before the triathlon, because I talked my sister-in-law into doing it with me, my sleep before the tri was nearly nonexistent.

Now work will keep me up late the next few nights, but hopefully the end is in sight, and the time to really write*, read and relax. in the meantime, feel free to help me out by asnswering my question from last week, below.

* Tri story to come, promise.

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Yoda said...

Oh, keep usw hangin', why don'tcha?