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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

definition of adventure

The interest being generated was not what I had expected. My last foray into the online dating world produced various nice prospects. In the first few days.

This go round has not. At all.

In fact, after reading over the few e-mails I had received, I realized something was amiss. In fact after the "you have a very nice jaw line" line tonight, I realized something was terribly wrong.

I reread what I had written. Had a friend do the same. We came to the conclusion that stating that I love a good adventure may have sent the wrong message.

If you have read more than the last few boring posts about dating, or not dating, you know I like to go on adventures. I didn't intend to be advertising for the indoor kind.

And so, I have reworded and rearranged a few things, and hope the responses improve as well.

If not, I've got some solo and girls-only adventures lined out soon. (Yes, the outdoor kind.) So, no, you really won't have to constantly read my drivel on why I don't have a date.


Elizabeth said...

I have always scratched my head at the responses I've gotten from online profiles. They seem to come in waves. A sizeable wave with the first online photo and description, and then smaller waves, sometimes nothing at all for a week or so, then five in one day. There's no accounting for it.

Patience, and good internal radar is what is needed.

Looking forward to posts post waves. :-)

a life uncommon said...

Oh. My. Gosh. That line about the jaw line... I heard that exact one on a date once! (A date with a guy I also met online). THAT was when I promptly took my profile down... ugh, dating. Such a necessary evil.

Glitter said...

Good thinking...there are too many perverts out there.

kt said...

lol - maybe you need a good indoor adventure! but not from an internet creep. :) internet dating. sigh. it's been soo weird. i finally changed my profile since i was told i sounded "too intimidating". but then i ask myself.. do i WANT a guy that would be intimidated by me??