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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


You know those e-mails? The ones you type furiously, pouring your heart out, never intending to hit the send button.

The ones you write when you've been slighted, or feel overwhelmed, or sad.

The ones that should probably never be read by another?

Well, my stress returned soon after my walk in the rain last week. And I was horribly frustrated by my boss, who is also my good friend. And in a sleep-deprived, caffeine-high, stressed-out manner I wrote.

And wrote, and wrote. And then when I was deciding whether to send or not.

Yes, this is the part in the horror movie when I'm screaming at the soon-to-be-sliced character, Don't open that door!

I opened that door.

I hit send.

He's my friend, right. It can't turn out that bad?

Oh, no. Oh, what have I done?


kt said...

Good for you! Honesty can be messy at first but I think it always has a way of making things better. Maybe this will turn things around for you. :)

a life uncommon said...

Oh I soooo feel for you. How many times have I hit send and then my stomach starts hurting... I hope your email turns out better than mine have. ;)

Elizabeth said...

AGH! Don't leave us hanging! Tell us what happened.

Glitter said...

What happened?

Julie said...

Oh. Fuck.

Still employed? :)

ramblin' girl said...

so far, still employed. so far, things are better than they were prior to the send incident. communication has improved for now... I guess we shall see...