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Thursday, January 11, 2007

run in

she stood by the counter, waiting for her drink, chatting with the man behind the counter. she felt his warmth envelope her.

after he released his hug, she turned to face him. they grinned at each other and exchanged hellos before hugging properly.

they talked and caught up on each others' lives, as much as they could in the few minutes they had. they were both busy. life and the weather seemed to get in the way of their plans to meet on purpose. as they parted ways, they promised they'd try to find time to grab a drink or coffee together soon.

as she drove away, memories of their friendship were on continuous video loop in her head. maybe all wasn't as it was supposed to be. maybe they had both been kidding themselves for months. what if fate, knowing they couldn't seem to do it for themselves, kept haphazardly throwing them into each others' paths for a reason.

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