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Sunday, January 14, 2007


Today is the day two of my best friends were born. Both of them were college roommates of mine. Both of them now have their own families. Both have been amazing friends to me.

Thinking about them today reminded me of college, of how we all met.

One of them (R) was my first college roommate. The other (K) lived a couple doors down the hall. We all became good friends within the first few months of school.

After two years on campus, the three of us moved to a two-bedroom apartment together. And even though R and I had shared a dorm room for two years, the two of them decided they'd let me have my own room because I supposedly stayed up studying later, and had more stuff. I always wondered if it was really because R was sick of me, but tried to not let it bother me.

K and I swam together that year and the next, so we got our quality friend time in. R and I spent plenty of time together, as well. But often I felt like the odd man out. The third wheel.

And it wasn't just with them. I always seemed to have very, very good friends. Best friends even. But never just one. Never a true best friend.

I sometimes wonder if it's me. If something keeps me from letting people get close enough to become my best friend. If I'll always be the third.

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