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Monday, January 15, 2007


I thought things had been going great. No major disasters since the sewer pipe incident. Then I get the one, two punch.

My car is being extremely persnickety. Not starting randomly. And it's nothing electrical. It never has had a problem before. I'm hoping it will be an inexpensive fix. But I know with my track record it likely won't be.

A friend joked with me after the pipe incident that I should start my own disaster relief fund. I laughed at the time, I'm not laughing anymore.

And to make my Monday even more Monday-ish, when he picked me up from work (yes, because my car wouldn't start), he told me he may be leaving. For several months. And his only reason for maybe not leaving? His dog.

His reason maybe answered many of my non-spoken questions. Maybe it's time to ask them, maybe the answers don't matter anymore.

Just when things started to seem good, comfortable, everything starts to become the opposite.


That Nervous Girl said...

I'm having the car randomly not starting problem, too. (So yeah, I know how much fun it is to not know when or where you might be stranded!) Mine has been in and out of the shop 3 times, they still don't know what the problem is (every time the car is there, it starts up like normal just to spite me.) So, just offering a collective "ughh!" on that one. Oh, and stopping by to peruse your blog and say hi!

Jen said...

Is is possible he is testing you? Seeing if you will mind if he leaves for months? Is is some fantastic opportunity for him? Sorry to hear it.

Amy said...

but through challenges comes growth. Maybe you're right, maybe his potential leaving is set up there for you to speak out. Maybe he doesn't want to say that you might be a reason to stay because he doesn't know where you stand. Speak!! To love, you have to risk. And it's worth it.

Glitter/Aleka said...

Sheesh. Men and boys.

And dogs...


At least your car can be fixed. Mine wouldn't start the other day and I just about cried because I didn't want to buy a new one.