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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

out of the blue

He insisted I stop by, and he'd make dinner. His logic was that I had to eat anyway. He apparently doesn't realize that dinner in my world lately means lunch leftovers eaten at my desk.

I thought about it, very briefly, and decided a home-cooked meal sounded much better than half an old sandwich.

We talked while he finished cooking. But before dinner, he went into the back room and came out with roses and a card.

I thanked him. Then, after quickly wracking my brain for a date of significance I may have missed, I asked what they were for. He said they were just because.

The only other flowers he'd ever given me were when I'd had some hardware put in my ankle. It has been months, so I just assumed he wasn't the flower-giving kind of guy.

I love getting flowers randomly. And they are beautiful. But I have to admit, the out-of-the-blueness makes me wonder if there may actually be a reason.


M said...

Don't wonder... just enjoy!

Jen said...

I agree. Enjoy.

Amy said...

I don't mean to sound harsh, but this is why men are so confused by women. He did it just because. He said so. But we second guess that and think there is some hidden agenda. Enjoy the flowers!! Enjoy a man who cooked you dinner and bought you flowers and made a wonderful evening for you during a stressful time. Don't second guess kindness.

Glitter/Aleka said...

Enjoy the flowers!!

Big B said...

AMY the conspiracy theorist! Wait, no, she is identifying the secret missions that all men carry with them... I have been told, that cooking talent, and surprise flowers are actually the sign of a man with talent.