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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I wasn't looking forward to it. There were a million things I should have been doing instead. A million things I would have rather been doing. But when your mother insists, you politely put on your smile and go.

Dinner before was wonderful. With Dungeness crab sandwiches and seared ahi, you can't go wrong in my opinion. As we settled into our seats, we remarked that at least the meal was great.

As the curtain opened we were prepared to be unimpressed. As the curtain opened again for the curtain call, we were all three on our feet smiling sincerely and clapping.

It was lighthearted on the surface. Funny. Many sexual innuendos I thought my mom would blush at, but she laughed along with my sister and I.

At it's core was a message. One of acceptance, of open-mindedness.

Too many times recently I've had to shake my head. Too many people refuse to listen to others' points of view. Refuse to put themselves in another's shoes. Refuse to open their minds a crack. Refuse to believe that another's beliefs may not be so different. That another may not be so different.

It was a fantastic night out with my mom and sister. One that made me thankful I can discuss nearly anything with them. I'm certainly not saying they always (or even often) agree with me, but at least they listen.

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Glitter/Aleka said...

Sounds like a nice night out to me...

Thanks for the email BTW!! It gave me a lot to think about!