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Friday, January 19, 2007


The sunset just brought tears back to my eyes. And with them memories.

It was a beautiful evening. We were sitting upstairs on the deck at one of our favorite bars. There were many of us. The reason behind that, I can't remember. But much of the rest of the evening I will never forget.

My old roommate insisted on buying rounds for my current roommate, me and herself. We weren't exactly what one might call sober.

We first met Joey downstairs as we were walking through the bar. Several of us remarked about how adorable Joey was.

Our night was filled with many drinks, great friends and laughter. Somewhere near the end of the evening Joey came up to us again. Rubbed against my leg. I was smitten.

My roommate and I took Joey home.

We kept Joey for the rest of the year and a half that we lived together.

When I moved back "home," my roommate kept Joey, mostly because I was not sure exactly where I'd be living.

She's had many medical issues ever since we found her in her namesake bar that night. But we (and mostly my roommate and her husband) have done our best to make sure she stays healthy and comfortable. She chose well that night, years ago, on that crowded deck.

I have visited Joey many times since college. I just got to see her when I visited my old roommate in October. Pet her. Play with her. I talked to her on the phone today, and she purred for me.

I had to talk to her today. Twice. To say goodbye. They have decided to put my our beloved cat to sleep. Her health had taken a very steep downturn.

Despite being at work, I couldn't help crying when I talked to her.

How do you say goodbye to your cat over the phone? How can you not cry when you know it's the last time you'll ever get to talk to her? How do you express gratitude to your friends for taking care of her for so long, for being brave enough to know when it's time?

Dear little Joey, I'll miss you. Terribly. You sweet, crazy, loving, biting, fluffy ball of white and black. I will always treasure our too-short time together. I love you very much. Goodbye my friend.


Neal said...

It's always sad to say goodbye to a good friend.

Amy said...

Exactly what Neal said.

Brooklyn girl said...

My fondest memories of Joey are her chasing around those strange little blind snakes you guys had in your apartment! It was so cute. I'm really sorry to hear about Joey. :~(

Scott said...

I am sorry to hear about Joey. We lost our Pelee a year ago now and we still miss her.