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Friday, December 02, 2005


interesting advice and words of wisdom have been spoken in my general direction lately. perhaps it's just that I'm listening more. or that the words seem more relevant to me right now.

from a friend: work hard, play harder.

and another: remember that life is short and no job is worth killing yourself over.

from a coworker: you can always find another job, it's not as easy to find another

the old standard: all work and no play makes rg a dull girl.

from one of my bosses, of all people: there's always time
to make room for life. work can wait.

also from my boss: you can sleep when you're dead.

random man in front of me in line at the caffeine addict shop after the guy behind the counter asked if I still had my job: if you're working this hard for them, they'd be crazy to let you go.

and just a few more jems:

it's all about balance.

will you remember missing a deadline and the disapproval of your boss in 10 years, or will you remember the time you spent with friends?

what happens when you drop your laptop and have nothing?

and so, to all those who have relayed to me these nuggets of "truth," thank you. but have to interject a few clarifications, first.

I want to sleep now, not just when I'm dead (anyone remember how George Costanza had his under-desk nap area arranged?). I'm not dull, even when I'm working. while the job may be killing me slowly, I sure am not to the point of killing myself over anything. and I backed up my laptop last weekend, so I only lose a week, not everything.

so, after one more crazy day, there will be light at the end of the tunnel. granted, much of that will be from the burning midnight oil as I finish up the now late report over the weekend. but my friends and family are taking priority, well, they will be, starting at 5 tonight.

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dewey said...

You're actually going to do it? Take back your life? Back away from the work on the computer screen?

I am in awe.

Let me know how it works out!