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Friday, December 16, 2005

Frosty the Snowman

so apparently it's not the writing about these things that jinxes them. perhaps it's just my not-so-good luck that does the trick. yes, despite a fun night out last week. then a quick call over the weekend. nothing else happened. no call. no e-mail. (yes, although they were promised.) nothing.

oh, well. at least I have my girls. yes, this is another I love my friends story.

another hilarious girls' night out in last night where we iced and decorated snowflakes, trees, gingerbread men and snowmen. we listened to the cheesy easy-listening station, since they're playing 24/7 Christmas music.

we happened upon a bottle of wine in my collection. it was one of those that sparks a memory.

we had been talking about guys, particularly the lack of anyone fantastic in my life. (most of the rest of the girls are married or dating someone.) we touched on the current lack of appropriate follow-up. then they somehow moved on to my ex. how he was never worthy. (thanks for letting me know that you thought that then.)

literally in the middle of this topic of conversation we grabbed this bottle of wine. it was my birthday present from him. I was instructed to save it for when he cooked me dinner.

so, last night the girls decided no time like the present to drink it. it was horrible. and I am absolutely not exaggerating.

we all laughed. figures.


Jen said...

Horrible guy, horrible wine. It fits.

dewey said...

See, he was trying to catch flies with vinegar. 'splains so much!

Elizabeth said...

Aw,RG, it's not the talking about it that jinxes it....although I have refrained from blogging about certain people for that very reason as well. I don't know what powers that be decide when to help it happen, but when it's your time, it will.

I do wish these powers that be would get back from their vacations, though, there's love to be spread, damn it. Or something like that.