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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

could things be falling into place?

I changed into the pjs. I lay down and put the ear plugs in. I pulled the blanket up and closed my eyes.

a short while later a voice asked if I was alright. I was. I had a positive attitude. then the noises started. the whirring and clicking. the beeping and clunking.

as I lay there trying to ignore the noise, I thought about my ruined plans for the weekend. and what I might do instead. I thought about the super response earlier. and whether it was sarcastic or sincere. and I thought about the errands I needed to run to make use of my Christmas present.

and then it was time to get up. I got dressed and waited for the images.

then I hurried home to feed TheDog and grab my new skis to dress them for the weekend (hopefully).

I stood in front of the boots. I wasn't sure which ones would fit. then up walks Jack. he fits me with a great boot. then while we're waiting for them to warm up to thermal mold, he goes to get the bindings I know I want.

they're out. so he quickly rings me up while I work the hot boots to mold to my feet so I can head to their other store. I make it just in time to pick up the bindings.

and even though I still have to take all the gear back tomorrow to have the bindings mounted, I should have my new gear in case I can head up the hill this weekend.

as I was driving back and forth I heard a familiar voice. and although he wasn't actually talking to me, just hearing his voice made me smile. and made me hope our earlier exchange ended with sincerity, not sarcasm.

to pass the time while driving, I also made a few calls. and may have found a few ways around the broken pipe that ruined the weekend plans in the first place.

so, if the images come out as I hope they do, perhaps next year will be a good one or at least start that way. I guess only time will tell.


Jeremy said...

I hope your back turns out to be ok... I know how frustrating it can be - especially when you have new skiis! ;P

Good luck!

Wordnerd said...'s hoping...