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Monday, December 12, 2005

deck the halls

the lights are twinkling. the ornaments twist gently on their hooks. the tree is trimmed. the stockings are hung. I can't even describe how much I love just watching the lights. I feel truly at home. almost as if we were all on my parents' couch, waiting to open our Christmas Eve present of pjs.

pulling out the ornaments tonight. the memories snuck in. the bows and glass balls that I bought for my very first grown-up tree when I couldn't afford anything else. the ornaments my mom bought for me, after realizing I had nothing but glass balls and bows on my tree. and the needlepoint ornament my grandma made for me.

I used to think my mom was a bit of a nutcase when she'd tear up while we decorated the tree. now I think I understand. the ornaments my sister and I bought together when we first moved in together after she was done with college and I with grad school. and the one she gave me last year after she got married and moved out.

the ornaments that were presents from friends. the ornaments created amidst wine and the laughter of friends. and of course the ornaments chewed with love by TheDog last year, after ten Christmas trees left completely alone.

each decoration a memory of Christmases past. a few new to mark this Christmas. each adding a little bit of cheer. each a reminder of all the wonderful things the holiday season is really about.

and as I sit and admire the lights glinting off the ornaments, I have decided to try and remember this contentment when I'm stuck in holiday traffic or cramming most of my shopping into a few hours.

after a great night out last week, a fun weekend hanging out with close friends, and a little sentimental tree-trimming tonight, I think I've finally found my elusive holiday spirit.


Yoda said...

Merrry Christmas, RG.

Jeremy said...

Great mom's think alike... we always got PJ's on Christmas eve too - and now that is what my mom gives my kids.

I hope you have a great, safe, holiday season.

Rachwell said...

I love the feeling of being at my parents house during the Christmas season, something about it is just so warm and inviting.

Jerk of All Trades said...

Do you get alot of Chistmas jokes about your name?

You're REAL name not RG, I just thought of that.

Shananigans said...

I remember each of us kids had our own box of ornaments and we’d all pick one section of the tree to decorate. With five kids getting in on the action, what you end up with is a tree loaded with about a metric ton of homemade popsicle stick/glitter/pipe cleaner ornaments. Must have been pretty ugly, but we all had a great time. Maybe someday I will get to reclaim that box of ornaments sitting in a closet at my parents’ house. Glad you had fun decorating and reminiscing.

Callie said...

I know what you mean! Each time I've travelled, I've tried to bring back ornaments. I've made new ones each year, especially my first year of university when I had my very own tree. Each time I haul them out, I think of where I was, or who I was at the time. Things change so much from year to year it seems.

Merry Christmas!

Wordnerd said...

Great've really helped me get the whole thing in perspective.

Tanya Kristine said...

what a nice post.

i had not the best childhood ever but one thing i can say about my mom is she made christmas' amazing!

we'd wake up (yes, like shanani - 5 kids) and run downstairs only to see tons more presents than were there the night before!!! SANTA CAME@!@!! i remember the feeling of "wow, he was in my house!"

weird though...i never celebrate christmas anymore. i wonder why...

Jen said...

Yay for holiday spirit! I hope you have the best Christmas ever!

clew said...

I posted a similar thought train the other day (O Tannenbaum)! It's funny how many memories come tumbling out of the storage boxes along with the trimmings.

Merry Christmas!