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Monday, December 05, 2005

o tannenbaum

my Christmas tree arrived today. it was special-ordered and delivered. it's a little Charlie Brown. but TheDog helped pick it out, so it's perfect.

every year since my sister and I moved to Denver, she from the south and I from the north, we've gone together. we've taken TheDog and traipsed through the snow and picked out our tree.

when she got married last year, that didn't change. we still went to get trees together last year. we were supposed to go yesterday. I couldn't. I had too much work to do.

so while she and her husband and both of the pups braved the cold to find our trees. I stayed warm, inside, drinking steaming hot coffee and staring at my computer screen.

it's sad. my beautiful, bare tree stares at me. begging for lights and ornaments. but I have more work to do. and after the report is finalized I have a show to go to, and a party to attend. so, the decorating will have to wait until this weekend.

but then I plan to turn on the Christmas music, sing aloud (hopefully not scaring TheDog too much), and deck the halls. the holidays are around the corner, and soon I'll be able to enjoy the holiday spirit.


Robb said...

Don't feel too bad. I am contemplating skipping putting up my tree altogether this year. My kids will be gone the week before Christmas and we'll all be gone from Christmas through Jan. 3, so I don't see a lot of point.

Wordnerd said...

You just enjoy the heck outta your weekend -- and sing and decorate with abandon! You've been working waaaaaaay too hard lately!

Rebecca said...

It might be bare, but doesn't it smell sweet? :)

Ben O. said...

Congrats on the tree - isn't this weather here in Colorado great lately?

Staying warm, I hope.

Ben O.