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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

baby, it's cold outside

it's three below. according to the car. and the car usually reads a few degrees warm.

yesterday it snowed. cold snow. tiny flakes.

today will be beautiful. blue skies. and a balmy ten degrees for a high.

perhaps tomorow I'll have to *cough* *cough* call in. then hit the slopes. afterall, it dumped in the mountains. and it's supposed to get a tad warmer after today.

ah, my deluded working-too-hard dreams. I know I'll be here, chained to my desk, at least through Friday. but can't a girl dream?


Shananigans said...

Just thinking about temps like that makes me shiver! Hope you get to go skiing soon.

Rachwell said...

Yeah, that kind of weather would want to make me hide from the world. I don't know how you can handle the snow.

Wordnerd said...

I don't know how you do it -- it's in the 50's here and I'm already freezing!