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Sunday, October 16, 2005

timing is everything, even in paradise

the day before the wedding, we met the bride and groom at a Hawaiian Festival. there were hula dancers and Hawaiian story tellers. performing for the "Queen." it was nice to see the real thing, not the manufactured culture that most luaus have as entertainment.

the festival was at the edge of the canyon. since my roomie and our other friend hadn't seen the canyon yet, we continued on to the lookouts after the bride and groom left. we briefly stopped to appreciate the views on the way up.

on my first tour of the canyon, the top was in the clouds. at the far lookout you could see almost nothing.

the day of the festival was clear. when we got to the top, it still was. we decided to walk the small way to the lookout.

you could see the mountain top not far off in the distance. it was shrouded in white before. but that day, one of the wettest spots on earth could be seen beneath the clouds.

it got me to thinking about timing. it really is everything. when I was at the same spot just two days earlier, I could see nothing. the second time around I could see clearly.

and the view was worth the hike. even twice. it was an incredible panorama of the Na Pali coast. the ocean in the distance. the color variations in the water. the clouds casting shadows on land and sea.


earlier my friends had asked if I was sure I didn't mind "wasting" part of my day, going where I'd already been. I assured them I didn't even before I knew what awaited at the end of the trail. even the places I'd seen before looked different on this day. light and perspective change things.

we had to hurry down the canyon. there was a pre-wedding party at Salt Pond Park. it was a beautiful beach park, illuminated by a beautiful sunset upon our arrival.

more introductions. more people becoming fast friends. amazing how easy the conversation flowed.

as the party came to an end, many of us decided we needed to continue it. we chose a beach closer to where we all were staying.

telling stories. listening to the waves crash. watching for shooting stars. I saw one. of course made my wish.

timing. it really is everything. with clouds, shooting stars, and all other things in life. I need to remember that.


GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

These pictures are absolutely beautiful! I agree, timing is EVERYTHING!

Tanya Kristine said...

ohmygosh. those pix are lovely!

and your post was well-done!

what's your previous post mean? I'm going to have to try and figure it out>

Jerk of All Trades said...

Do you have any idea how hard it is to say banamamcadman....bamacamdam....BANMANACADDAMNA.....Grrrrrr..NEVERMIND!!