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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

last day in paradise

I woke up Tuesday. packed my things. said goodbye to the comfy condo.

on my way back from checking out, I admired the koi swimming amidst the lily pad in the little volcanic rock rimmed pond.

I realized I didn't even explore the grounds of the condo complex fully, much less the island.

but as there was much of the island left, and only a few short hours, I headed off to admire as much of it as I could. I drove away from Poipu. towards the mountains.

of course I had to stop by and see Wailua Falls (the famous Fantasy Island water fall). I fought the urge to yell "de plane, de plane" from the rim of the falls.

as I drove around, I pondered the many things I wanted to do and see that I didn't get around to. sea kayaking the Na Pali Coast (the waves were too big this trip). scuba diving. more hiking.

would I be back? would I get to do and see those things?

I hope so, but moved on to see another water fall. looking out over Opaekaa Falls, I noticed that everyone else was admiring the falls in groups. of course, groups of two. perhaps I stood out. the solo sight-seer.

I didn't really mind. I was enjoying my relaxing vacation. sure there had been slips to loneliness. and perhaps next trip I'll bring someone amazing with me. but I am getting used to travelling alone. I can do whatever I want. that's kind of nice.

I continued on from the falls and drove around the ranches and farms, on the backroads. revelling in the slow pace of the island. I tiik the little rental car onto an unpaved road, and ended up near Kauai Ranch. beautiful open spaces.

the road back down the hillside. to the mai highway around the island.

I found myself near Kilauea. near the lighthouse we hadn't had time to stop at the day before. that day I had time. so I took the turnoff.

I stopped at the overlook. listened to the waves crashing on the rocks below, then continued on into the wildlife refuge. there were many birds, Ne Nes and others. they called the cliffs home.

the lighthouse was a stark white in comparison to the blue and aqua ocean behind it, to the clue sky. I stood there as long as I could, then, sadly, it was time to turn in my rental car, and head to the airport.

but even leaving I had something to look forward to. on my way back to cold Colorado, I stopped off in Honolulu to have dinner with some of my good friends. I hadn't seen them in a long while. only a couple times since their island wedding a few years ago.

it was wonderful to catch up. my friend picked me up from the airport, we had dinner at their house, then she drove me back. my too-short visit made me realize I'm extremely blessed to have such amazing friends. (particularly the ones that get married in cool locations. only kidding, well mostly.)

and although it snowed while I was gone. all that was left to tell that tale was a few branches fallen off my trees. life goes on whether I'm there to witness it or not. so I intend to enjoy it, whether I'm on a tropical island or in the snow. alone or surrounded by friends.


Jeremy said...

You probably get sick of hearing this, but beautiful pictures. In my 5 years in Hawaii, I never made it to Kauai, and it is the one island I want to go to if I ever go back.

Welcome back.

Shananigans said...

What a great sounding vacation, and such extraordinary pictures! Now I want to run away to an island paradise. Glad you had a good time and a chance to relax and catch up with friends.

Robb said...

The pictures are breathtaking! Bring me with you next time!!! Do you have a higher resolution picture of the one with the lighthouse in the distance?

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

Amazing...this just makes me want to go!