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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

landing in paradise

I felt it the minute I got off the plane. it weighed on my skin, on my lungs. I'm not used to the humidity. but I was in paradise, and a little heavy hot air I could deal with.

I picked up the rental car and headed down to Kalapaki beach. ordered a little lunch beachside. and answered a friend's inquiry as to whether I was realaxing yet with a "life is good" response.

while sipping my fruity, frozen concoction, my roomate for the trip called to say she'd be landing in an hour or so. I sat for a while, watching honeymooning couples laughing and whispering. wishing a little bit that I had a boy to enjoy paradise with.

I finished my fruity beverage, then took a stroll on the beach, admiring the tropical flowers and mountains rising from the ocean.

it took a little while to realize I had a week off from work. I'd worked too much before I left, and it often takes too much time for my brain to relax. the rum blended into my drink and the wet sand squishing between my toes helped.

soon I was back at the airport picking up my new roommate. I'd never met her before, only talked with her on the phone. but we were fast friends.

we watched the sun set over the ocean at Poipu Beach and enjoyed some fresh fish for dinner. then headed over to meet up with the bride and groom and a couple of their other friends.

introductions were made all around, and again I felt like I'd known the groom's childhood friend and his wife for much longer than the hour we were there.

the fast friendships probably had something to do with how amazing the soon-to-be-married couple is. of course their friends would be great, too.

the party did not last long, since we were all a bit jet-lagged, but I had a feeling the week ahead was going to be lots of fun, whether I had that someone special to share it with or not.


Jen said...

That sounds fabulous. I have never been to Hawaii, but we have many of the tropical plants and flowers around our pool in the backyard like bird of paradise and Plumeria- the Hawaiian lei flower. Beautiful stuff.

Callie said...

Very cool! I also find it tough to get into vacation-mode... but much harder to get out of it! Mmmm, sand between toes... just thinking of that puts me in a better state of mind!