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Friday, October 21, 2005


I know, I know, I've been slacking. I haven't had time for any of the tags I've gotten reecently. and I don't know when I will, since I still haven't told last weekend's adventures or the funny stories that came up while decorating pumpkins last night. and another weekend is already here. besides, there's the potential for characters to be added to the cast.

so, I want to thank TWAM, Yoda, Aarwenn, and anyone else that taggeed me recently. I appreciate the thought and may come back and do them when I need ideas for posts, but for now I have too many. so I guess I'm counting this as my tag catch-up post?

anyway, could use any and all help to figure out a GREAT Halloween Costume. preferrably something more feminine than not.
any suggestions??


Jeremy said...

Be a girl pirate or Piratess. Then you could drink lots of alcohol say ARGH (In a feminine voice of course) a lot and any excuse to wear an eye patch is always a good one right?

Shiver me timbers... a hoy there's a warm lookin lass.

dewey said...

Glenda the Good Witch!

Yoda said...

Yikes. Halloween already?

Get a set of yellow footie PJs, and a red top hat, carry around a platter of green eggs and ham: Sam I Am.

Or...a couple of last-minute ideas:

Wrap yourself in tin foil and go as "leftovers."

Or (my brother-in-law did this one year) make a hat from an coat hanger and a light bulb, so that the (extinguished) light bulb looks like it's hovering over your head. When someone asks what you're supposed to be, you say, "I have absolutely no idea."


Jen said...

Catholic school girl in a short plaid skirt with knee socks. Very feminine.

Underachiever said...

Go as Pregnant Britney Spears. You could wear some redneck-y clothes, look skanky and feminine at the same time. As an accessory you can walk around with a piece of driftwood and say that's Kevin.

Undr(I'm going as a very young Janet Reno)

Rebecca said...

I'll share my costume idea with you... It's not like we'll end up at the same party in the same costume! hahahaha. And who cares even if we did. :)

Half Devil/Half Angel.

Because after all, aren't we all a little of both?

PseudoSaint said...

I second Jen's idea.

Shananigans said...

Maybe a harem girl a la Arabian Nights? Can’t get much more feminine than that. I’m gonna be a cowgirl this year.

Inge said...

My favorite costume was the St. Pauli girl - very feminine, and kind of a kick with all the attention you get :).

Happy Halloween!