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Sunday, October 30, 2005


I wanted to be incognito. I thought about wearing a mask. but I can't stand wearing things on my face.

it doesn't take a mask to feel anonymous on Halloween. that's the beauty in it. you get to dress as you normally couldn't or wouldn't and call it a costume.

I had too many places to be last night. parties, a friend's band was playing, and checking out the costumes at the bars downtown. I chose to go to a few of the parties, thrown by good friends.

the first was over-run by little monsters. the costumes were pretty good. a few of us no-children adults stood around catching up. one of the guys didn't recognize me from the hockey game where his brother got me in trouble with my then boyfriend by, gasp, talking to me.

then it was off to the next party. the costumes were a bit more creative than the first. my geek glasses apparently worked as a disguise again. of course, his costume did, too. unbeknownst to both of us we were talking for a little while before each of us realized who the other was.

we kissed at my friends' wedding. neither of us was very sober. and it was a little uncomfortable last night, apparently more for him than me. when he realized who I was, he disappeared.

the costumes at the last party were the best. my friends have had a Halloween party every year for a while now. and each year everyone tries to outdo their costume from the year before.

everyone liked my costume. clever, they said. and apparently it suited me. my sister even agreed that my inner goddess was hot. I had to laugh, the girls at this party are the beautiful ones. I'm the nice, dependable one. they all thought a boy couldn't resist my costume.

perhaps if he'd seen it that would have held true. he didn't. he called when I was still party hopping. I called him back after he'd already passed out. no boys, my geek goddess only impressed my friends.

perhaps I can let the goddess out another time. without the excuse of a costume. take off the mask. even if only for a night.


Jeremy said...

I am such a sucker for geeks.

All those parties... sounds too busy, but then that is probably the married w/ kiddies talking. I will undoubtedly be roaming around all of Payson tonight a ghost on one hand, a cheerleader on the other, and Emmy, as Cinderella, in Tow.

Tanya Kristine said...

i didn't do anything for halloween.

how sad is that?

it used to be my favorite holiday. i was glad to read your story becuase it made me at least remember how fun this holiday is...

Rebecca said...

Unleash the goddess! Don't save her for special occasions....

Sounds like you had a great night anyway! That's the downside of being a Mom - we don't get to party hop all that often anymore. But that's okay - soon enough, the kids won't need/want me to be around any more, and there will be lots of partying to you.

Until then...let that goddess out! She needs to BREATHE. :)

Callie said...

Geek Goddess, eh? You've piqued my curiousity, where are the pics??? Sounds like a good time!

The VamPirates worked out great! We went to a few different house parties and finally felt at home in one that everyone was dressed up for! I can't imagine a time when I don't dress up... of course I say that before giving having my baby! I've probably jinxed myself.

Jen said...

RG, you tell a great story but are so cryptic! Glad your costume went over well.

mountaindog said...

come on! Let's see a pic!

oops! There goes the doorbell. Off to dish out some sweets to the kids!


Underachiever said...

oh I GET it. Geek Goddess. I love it. You are the bestest in the whole wide world, Rambilina.

Undr(Geek Goofball)