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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

reasons for things

that whole things happening for a reason thing. maybe there's something to it. just maybe.

last week's trip was a disaster. so I was supposed to go again Monday. that didn't work out. I went today instead. it was a beautiful day. the sun was out compared to last week's rain. and as it sank over the lake, I had a strange feeling I was supposed to be there.

and yesterday the feeling was comfort. and relief. maybe there are reasons. destiny. fate. whatever you want to call it. maybe we never understand some of them. that doesn't mean they don't exist.


Jeremy said...

I personally like to live life according to Fortune Cookie wisdom.

It is especially fun when it gets mispelled.

Mark and MeLissa said...

I have to say that I totally believe that things happen for a reason...even the bad things. Say a car accident that leaves you injured. That was the event that led me to my husband, whom I didn't meet for several years after the accident, but had it and several other things not occured, I never would have found him. :)

I'm so jealous that you're in Colorado...I miss home so much.